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Variable Data Printing and Mail Merge

Variable data printing presents a workflow to the printing industry which involves the merging of data with the design and print production. The magic of variable data printing is that it combines data and images from a database with a document template at run time so that each piece is uniquely designed for that one exact recipient. To accomplish this, we will first work with you to create a variable data printing template - a design framework into which the different bits of data, full color photos or graphics will be inserted. Next, we analyze the target demographic and bring in the right databases of information to ensure that your pieces will be highly targeted and have a great response rate. Finally, our special variable data printing equipment combines the template with the ideal information and graphics for each individual as it prints. These variable data printing campaigns have earned our customers 1000+ response rates while reducing waste. Below is a list of the basic steps in the variable data printing process.

1. Data mining and cleaning

2. Analyzing data

3. Develop business/logical rules

4. Design according to business rules

5. Merge data with the design

6. Preflight

7. Output to printer language

8. Production

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